Can I export the fulfillment location from my Shopify order at the line item level?

Yes, you can!

In addition to being able to export the fulfillment location IDs and names at the order level, EZ Exporter also has separate fields to export these data at the line item level. This way, you can run reports based on where a product was fulfilled.

In EZ Exporter, under Data Settings -> Fields, you can select the following fields to include them in your CSV or Excel export:

  • line_items.fulfillment_location_ids
  • line_items.fulfillment_location_names

Export fulfillment locations at the line item level from your Shopify order data with EZ Exporter

If a line item was fulfilled from multiple locations, the values will be exported in the same column separated by a comma.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: shopify multi-location, shopify order, fulfillment locations