Can I filter the Shopify orders or line items based on the assigned location to fulfill from?

Yes, you can!

In EZ Exporter, under Custom Filters in the Data Settings, you can set a filter like this only include orders that has line items to be fulfilled from a certain location:

  • Fulfillment Orders Assigned Locatoin Names contains Paris Warehouse

If you'd prefer to filter individual line item rows instead, you can add a filter condition like this:

  • Lineitem Fulfillment Orders Assigned Location Names contains Paris Warehouse

Below is a sample screenshot of what this option looks like in the app:

You can also filter based on Locatoin IDs instead of the Location Names.  We'd actually recommend you use the Location ID when filtering since the Location Names can be changed and you'll have to remember to also update your settings in EZ Exporter if you or someone on your team chanes the location names.  The Location IDs on the other hand is auto-generated by Shopify and can't be changed so this makes it a more reliable field to filter by (click here on how to find the location id).


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