Exporting Shopify Orders to a Custom CSV File for 3PL Providers

EZ Exporter is designed specifically for creating custom CSV exports of your Shopify data.

One of the main use cases for our app is to automate the process of exporting unfulfilled orders to a custom CSV file and have that file sent to a 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider for fulfillment, usually via email or FTP.

Depending on the system the 3PL company uses, they may need the CSV file formatted in a very specific way.

Some examples of customization that we've seen while working with our customers include:

  1. Using a delimiter such as a vertical bar ("|") or a caret ("^").
  2. Whether to use no quotes at all, minimal quoting, or quoting all fields.
  3. Whether to use an LF (line feed) or both a carriage return + line feed (CRLF) as the line terminator.
  4. Very specific header/column names.
  5. Custom fields with blank values or other static values (such as an account ID assigned to the customer).
  6. Custom fields involving the use of formulas and conditional logic based on the Shopify data (e.g. using a custom code based on the shipping method).

While our app is quite flexible, there are a few cases where our app won't work. One example is when the 3PL company needs a custom row in between order rows in the CSV.

If you'd like to know whether our app would work for you, please don't hesitate to contact us and if you can provide a sample CSV of the format that you need, we can confirm with you whether our app would be a good fit.

We also have pre-built templates in our app for some of the 3PL companies we've worked with to make it very easy to get started. If your'e a 3PL company yourself and would like your CSV template added to our app, please don't hesitate to reach out to us as well.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: fulfillment, dropshipping, 3pl