How do I replace the Shipping Method data with a special code provided by my supplier?

ReYour supplier or 3PL provider might require you to use special codes based on the shipping method you selected in Shopify when you send the exported CSV file to them.

This is possible in EZ Exporter using Calculated Fields.

For example, your supplier might instruct you to do something like this:

  • FedEx Overnight -> use code "FE1"
  • UPS Ground -> use code "UG7"
  • DHL Express -> use code "DHE"

Shopify stores the shipping method data in a field called shipping_lines.title, so in the Calculated Fields you can simply use a formula like this:

{{ shipping_lines.title }}.replace("FedEx Overnight", "FE1").replace("UPS Ground", "UG7").replace("DHL Express", "DHE")

EZ Exporter for Shopify - Replace Shipping Method with Dropshipper's Shipping Code

What the formula above does is perform multiple checks against the shipping_lines.title data and replace the text with the corresponding code. If there are no matches, then the data remains unchanged.

If you have a more complex requirement, please don't hesitate to contact us to see if our app can handle it.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: advanced features, dropshipping, 3pl