EZ Exporter Custom Fields

You can find the Custom Fields option in the Data Settings.

With Custom Fields, you can include additional columns in your report based on the value you specify. The value can be a simple static value or a combination of static values and those coming from other fields.

For example, you may want add to add a custom field called "Comments" and assign it a value "Please ship by 1/17."

To use a combination of static values with values derived from other fields, simply reference the field names enclosed by double curly braces (e.g. {{ created_at }}).

For example, you may want a custom field called "Alternate Product Title" with this value assigned:

{{ line_items.title }} (SKU: {{ line_items.sku }}) - Order {{ name }}

The above will result in something like this: Stretchy Blue Jeans (SKU: BLJE1234) - Order #1203

Another example, you may want a field called "Product Admin URL", you can do something like this:

https://mystore.myshopify.com/admin/products/{{ line_items.product_id }}

You may also want a field for the product image URL where the width is set to 200 pixels to use as the thumbnail URL:

{{ image.src }}&width=200

To export a blank/empty field:


You can find the list of field names you can use in the Fields section at the bottom of the Data Settings page. We also have a list of "special global fields" here that can be used in any type of export.

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