EZ Exporter Metafields

You can find the Metafields option in the Data Settings.

EZ Exporter Shopify App - Product MetafieldsThere may be cases where you'd want to include custom Order Metafields, Product Metafields, or Product Variant Metafields you've created in your report. For example, for some products you may have an Amazon ASIN metafield attached to them if you also sell your products on the Amazon Marketplace. You may have other metafields as well that you use for accounting such as Cost to Acquire and Additional Fees.

There are also some Shopify data that can only be retrieved via metafields. For example, the "HS Tariff Code" field in the product variants is stored in the Product Variant Metafield API using the key "harmonized_system_code".

With EZ Exporter, we've provided an option for you to include them. Simply specify the metafield key and the label to assign to that key (the label is basically the field/column name in the exported report).

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: advanced features