How do I filter my Shopify orders based on fulfillment date?

The Shopify API doesn't provide a fulfilled_at field that EZ Exporter can filter directly.

However, the API does provide the list of fulfillments and the status of each fulfillment. So what we're able to do instead is provide a field called "Last Successful Fulfillment Date" (fulfillments.last_successful_fulfillment.created_at).

The logic here is if the order's Fulfillment Status is marked as "Fulfilled" (fully fulfilled, not partial), then the "Last Successful Fulfillment Date" field that we've added will technically be the fulfilled_at date as that would be the final fulfillment for that order.

So in EZ Exporter, say you want to generate a CSV report of all orders fulfilled just on the previous day, you can do something like this:

In the Filters section::

  • Fulfillment Status: Fulfilled

Then in the Custom Filters section (matching all conditions):

  • Last Successful Fulfillment Date is greater than {{ current_date }} - 1
  • Last Successful Fulfillment Date is less than {{ current_date }}

(More info here on how date filtering works in Custom Filters)

Here's a screenshot in the Order Data Settings to help you locate the options:


EZ Exporter - Export Shopify Orders Fulfilled At a Certain Date

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