EZ Exporter: Shopify Collection Fields Reference

You can reference the Field IDs below in a Custom Field or Calculated Field by enclosing them in double curly braces (e.g. {{ updated_at }}).

Field ID Description
body_html Body HTML (type: text). The description of the Collection. Includes HTML markup. Many shop themes display this on the Collection page.
disjunctive Disjunctive (type: text). Whether the product must match all the rules to be included in the Collection.
handle Handle (type: text). A human-friendly unique string for the Collection automatically generated from its title.
id Collection ID (type: number). The ID of the Collection.
image.alt Image Alt (type: text). Alternative text that describes the collection image.
image.attachment Image Attachment (type: text). An image attached to a Collection returned as Base64-encoded binary data.
image.height Image Height (type: number).
image.src Image Src (type: text). A URL that specifies the location of the image.
image.width Image Width (type: number).
products_manually_sorted_count Products Manually Sorted Count (type: number). The number of manually-sorted products in the Collection.
published_at Published At (type: datetime).
published_scope Published Scope (type: text). Indicates whether the Collection is published to the Point of Sale channel.
rules Rules (type: text). The list of rules that define what products go into the Collection.
sort_order Sort Order (type: text). The order of the products in the Collection.
template_suffix Template Suffix (type: text). The suffix of the Liquid template being used. By default.
title Title (type: text).
updated_at Updated At (type: datetime).

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