EZ Exporter: Shopify Draft Order Fields Reference

You can reference the Field IDs below in a Custom Field or Calculated Field by enclosing them in double curly braces (e.g. {{ updated_at }}).

Field ID Description
applied_discount.amount Applied Discount Amount (type: number). The applied amount of the discount.
applied_discount.description Applied Discount Description (type: text). Reason for the discount.
applied_discount.value Applied Discount Value (type: text). The value of the discount. If the type of the discount is fixed_amount, then this is a fixed dollar amount. If the type is percentage, then this is the percentage.
applied_discount.value_type Applied Discount Value Type (type: text). The type of discount (percentage or fixed_amount).
billing_address.address1 Billing Address1 (type: text).
billing_address.address2 Billing Address2 (type: text).
billing_address.city Billing City (type: text).
billing_address.company Billing Company (type: text).
billing_address.country Billing Country (type: text).
billing_address.country_code Billing Country Code (type: text).
billing_address.first_name Billing First Name (type: text).
billing_address.last_name Billing Last Name (type: text).
billing_address.name Billing Name (type: text).
billing_address.phone Billing Phone (type: text).
billing_address.province Billing Province (type: text).
billing_address.province_code Billing Province Code (type: text).
billing_address.zip Billing Zip (type: text).
completed_at Completed At (type: datetime). The date and time at which order is created and the draft order changes to completed status.
created_at Created At (type: datetime).
currency Currency (type: text).
customer.accepts_marketing Customer Accepts Marketing (type: text). Indicates whether or not the customer would like to receive email updates from the shop.
customer.created_at Customer Created At (type: datetime).
customer.default_address.address1 Customer Default Address - Address 1 (type: text).
customer.default_address.address2 Customer Default Address - Address 2 (type: text).
customer.default_address.city Customer Default Address - City (type: text).
customer.default_address.company Customer Default Address - Company (type: text).
customer.default_address.country Customer Default Address - Country (type: text).
customer.default_address.country_code Customer Default Address - Country Code (type: text).
customer.default_address.first_name Customer Default Address - First Name (type: text).
customer.default_address.last_name Customer Default Address - Last Name (type: text).
customer.default_address.name Customer Default Address - Name (type: text).
customer.default_address.phone Customer Default Address - Phone (type: text).
customer.default_address.province Customer Default Address - Province (type: text).
customer.default_address.province_code Customer Default Address - Province Code (type: text).
customer.default_address.zip Customer Default Address - Zip (type: text).
customer.email Customer Email (type: text).
customer.first_name Customer First Name (type: text).
customer.id Customer ID (type: number).
customer.last_name Customer Last Name (type: text).
customer.note Customer Note (type: text).
customer.orders_count Customer Orders Count (type: number). The number of orders placed by this customer to a shop.
customer.state Customer State (type: text).
customer.tags Customer Tags (type: text).
customer.tax_exempt Customer Tax Exempt (type: text).
customer.total_spent Customer Total Spent (type: number).
customer.updated_at Customer Updated At (type: datetime).
email Email (type: text).
id Draft Order ID (type: number). The unique numeric identifier for the draft order.
invoice_sent_at Invoice Sent At (type: datetime). The date and time when the invoice was emailed to the customer
invoice_url Invoice URL (type: text).
line_items.applied_discount.amount Lineitem Applied Discount Amount (type: number).
line_items.applied_discount.description Lineitem Applied Discount Description (type: text).
line_items.applied_discount.title Lineitem Applied Discount Title (type: text).
line_items.applied_discount.value Lineitem Applied Discount Value (type: text).
line_items.applied_discount.value_type Lineitem Applied Discount Value Type (type: text).
line_items.custom Lineitem Is Custom (type: text).
line_items.fulfillment_service Lineitem Fulfillment Service (type: text). Service provider who is doing the fulfillment. Valid values are either `manual` or the name of the provider. eg: `amazon`, `shipwire`, etc.
line_items.gift_card Lineitem Gift Card (type: text). States whether or not the line_item is a gift card. If so, the item is not taxed or considered for shipping charges.
line_items.grams Lineitem Grams (type: number).
line_items.name Lineitem Name (type: text). The name of the product variant.
line_items.price Lineitem Price (type: number). The unit price of the item before discounts have been applied.
line_items.product.handle Lineitem Product Handle (type: text). A human-friendly unique string for the Product automatically generated from its title.
line_items.product.image_src Lineitem Product Image Src (type: text). The image URL for the product.
line_items.product.product_type Lineitem Product Type (type: text).
line_items.product.tags Lineitem Product Tags (type: text).
line_items.product_id Lineitem Product ID (type: number).
line_items.properties Lineitem Properties (type: text). An array of custom information for an item that has been added to the cart. Often used to provide product customization options. To place a specific line item property into its own column, you can use a Calculated Field with the formula: search_attributes({{ line_items.properties }}, "Name of the Property")
line_items.properties.name Lineitem Properties Names (type: text).
line_items.properties.value Lineitem Properties Values (type: text).
line_items.quantity Lineitem Quantity (type: number). The number of products that were purchased.
line_items.requires_shipping Lineitem Requires Shipping (type: text).
line_items.sku Lineitem SKU (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines Lineitem Tax Lines (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.price Lineitem Tax Lines Prices (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.rate Lineitem Tax Lines Rates (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.title Lineitem Tax Lines Titles (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.total_price Lineitem Tax Lines Total Price (type: number).
line_items.taxable Lineitem Taxable (type: text).
line_items.title Lineitem Title (type: text).
line_items.total_price Lineitem Total Price (type: number). The total price of the line item before discounts have been applied (price x quantity).
line_items.variant.barcode Lineitem Variant Barcode (type: text).
line_items.variant.compare_at_price Lineitem Variant Compare At Price (type: number). The competitors price for the same item.
line_items.variant.grams Lineitem Variant Grams (type: number).
line_items.variant.image_id Lineitem Variant Image ID (type: number).
line_items.variant.image_src Lineitem Variant Image Src (type: text). The image URL for the variant.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.cost Lineitem Variant Inventory Item Cost (type: number). The current unit cost of the inventory item.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.country_code_of_origin Lineitem Variant Inventory Item Country Code of Origin (type: text). The two-digit code for the country where the inventory item was made.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.harmonized_system_code Lineitem Variant Inventory Item Harmonized System Code (type: text). The general Harmonized System (HS) code for the inventory item. Used by border officers to classify this product.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.province_code_of_origin Lineitem Variant Inventory Item Province Code of Origin (type: text). The two-digit code for the province where the inventory item was made. Used only if the shipping provider for the inventory item is Canada Post.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.tracked Lineitem Variant Inventory Item Tracked (type: text). Whether the inventory item is tracked. If true, then inventory quantity changes are tracked by Shopify.
line_items.variant.inventory_item_id Lineitem Variant Inventory Item ID (type: text).
line_items.variant.inventory_management Lineitem Variant Inventory Management (type: text). Specifies whether or not Shopify tracks the number of items in stock for this product variant.
line_items.variant.inventory_policy Lineitem Variant Inventory Policy (type: text). Specifies whether or not customers are allowed to place an order for a product variant when it's out of stock.
line_items.variant.inventory_quantity Lineitem Variant Inventory Quantity (type: number).
line_items.variant.option1 Lineitem Variant Option 1 (type: text).
line_items.variant.option2 Lineitem Variant Option 2 (type: text).
line_items.variant.option3 Lineitem Variant Option 3 (type: text).
line_items.variant.position Lineitem Variant Position (type: number). The order of the product variant in the list of product variants. 1 is the first position. To reorder variants, update the product with the variants in the desired order.
line_items.variant.weight Lineitem Variant Weight (type: number).
line_items.variant.weight_unit Lineitem Variant Weight Unit (type: text).
line_items.variant_id Lineitem Variant ID (type: number).
line_items.variant_title Lineitem Variant Title (type: text).
line_items.vendor Lineitem Vendor (type: text). The name of the supplier of the item.
line_items_count Number of Line Items (type: number). The number of line items in the order.
name Draft Order Name (type: text). Name of the draft order.
note Notes (type: text). The text of an optional note that a shop owner can attach to the draft order.
note_attributes Note Attributes (type: text). Extra information that is added to the order. Also referred to as cart attributes. To place a specific note attribute into its own column, you can use a Calculated Field with the formula: search_attributes({{ note_attributes }}, "Name of the Attribute")
note_attributes.name Note Attributes Names (type: text).
note_attributes.value Note Attributes Values (type: text).
order_id Order ID (type: number). The unique numeric identifier for the order associated to the draft order, once created.
products_count Number of Products (type: number). The number of unique products in the order.
shipping_address.address1 Shipping Address1 (type: text).
shipping_address.address2 Shipping Address2 (type: text).
shipping_address.city Shipping City (type: text).
shipping_address.company Shipping Company (type: text).
shipping_address.country Shipping Country (type: text).
shipping_address.country_code Shipping Country Code (type: text).
shipping_address.first_name Shipping First Name (type: text).
shipping_address.last_name Shipping Last Name (type: text).
shipping_address.latitude Shipping Latitude (type: text).
shipping_address.longitude Shipping Longitude (type: text).
shipping_address.name Shipping Name (type: text).
shipping_address.phone Shipping Phone (type: text).
shipping_address.province Shipping Province (type: text).
shipping_address.province_code Shipping Province Code (type: text).
shipping_address.zip Shipping Zip (type: text).
shipping_line.custom Shipping Line Custom (type: text). Indicates if this is a regular shipping line or custom shipping line.
shipping_line.handle Shipping Line Handle (type: text). The handle of the shipping rate which was selected and applied.
shipping_line.price Shipping Line Price (type: number). The price of this shipping method.
shipping_line.title Shipping Line Title (type: text). The title of the shipping method.
status Draft Order Status (type: text).
subtotal_price Subtotal (type: number). The price of the order after discounts but before shipping, taxes, and tips.
tags Tags (type: text).
tax_exempt Tax Exempt (type: text). Sets whether or not taxes are exempt for the draft order.
taxes_included Taxes Included (type: text).
total_price Total (type: number). The sum of all line item prices, discounts, shipping, taxes, and tips.
total_tax Taxes (type: number). The sum of all the taxes applied to the order.
total_weight Total Weight (Grams) (type: number).
updated_at Updated At (type: datetime). The date and time when the draft order was last modified.

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