EZ Exporter: Shopify Product Fields Reference

You can reference the Field IDs below in a Custom Field or Calculated Field by enclosing them in double curly braces (e.g. {{ updated_at }}).

Field IDDescription
body_htmlBody HTML (type: text). The product description, complete with HTML formatting. To remove the HTML tags, use the formula `strip_html_tags({{ body_html }})` in Calculated Fields.
created_atCreated At (type: datetime).
custom_collections.handleCustom Collections - Handles (type: text).
custom_collections.idCustom Collections - IDs (type: text).
custom_collections.published_scopeCustom collections - Published Scopes (type: text).
custom_collections.template_suffixCustom collections - Template Suffixes (type: text).
custom_collections.titleCustom Collections - Titles (type: text).
handleHandle (type: text). A human-friendly unique string for the Product automatically generated from its title.
idProduct ID (type: number). The unique numeric identifier for the product. Product IDs are unique across the entire Shopify system; no two products will have the same id, even if they are from different shops.
image.srcImage Src (type: text). The image URL for the product.
images.positionImages Positions (type: text).
images.srcImages Source URLs (type: text).
optionsOptions (type: text). Custom product property names like `Size`, `Color`, and `Material`. Products are based on permutations of these options. A product may have a maximum of 3 options.
options.nameOptions Names (type: text).
options.positionOptions Positions (type: text).
options.valuesOptions Values (type: text).
product_typeProduct Type (type: text).
published_atPublished At (type: datetime).
published_scopePublished Scope (type: text). Indicates whether the product is published to the Point of Sale channel.
smart_collections.handleSmart Collections - Handles (type: text).
smart_collections.idSmart Collections - IDs (type: text).
smart_collections.published_scopeSmart Collections - Published Scopes (type: text).
smart_collections.template_suffixSmart Collections - Template Suffixes (type: text).
smart_collections.titleSmart Collections - Titles (type: text).
tagsTags (type: text).
template_suffixTemplate Suffix (type: text). The suffix of the liquid template being used. By default, the original template is called product.liquid, without any suffix. Any additional templates will be: product.suffix.liquid.
titleTitle (type: text).
updated_atUpdated At (type: datetime).
variants.barcodeVariant Barcode (type: text).
variants.compare_at_priceVariant Compare At Price (type: number). The competitors price for the same item.
variants.created_atVariant Created At (type: datetime).
variants.fulfillment_serviceVariant Fulfillment Service (type: text).
variants.gramsVariant Grams (type: number).
variants.idVariant ID (type: number).
variants.image_idVariant Image ID (type: text).
variants.image_srcVariant Image Src (type: text). The image URL for this variant.
variants.inventory_item.costVariant Inventory Item - Cost (type: number). The unit cost of the inventory item.
variants.inventory_item.country_code_of_originVariant Inventory Item - Country Code of Origin (type: text). The two-digit code for the country where the inventory item was made.
variants.inventory_item.created_atVariant Inventory Item - Created At (type: datetime).
variants.inventory_item.harmonized_system_codeVariant Inventory Item - Harmonized System Code (type: text). The general Harmonized System (HS) code for the inventory item. Used by border officers to classify this product.
variants.inventory_item.province_code_of_originVariant Inventory Item - Province Code of Origin (type: text). The two-digit code for the province where the inventory item was made. Used only if the shipping provider for the inventory item is Canada Post.
variants.inventory_item.trackedVariant Inventory Item - Tracked (type: text). Whether the inventory item is tracked. If true, then inventory quantity changes are tracked by Shopify.
variants.inventory_item.updated_atVariant Inventory Item - Updated At (type: datetime).
variants.inventory_item_idVariant Inventory Item ID (type: number).
variants.inventory_levelsVariant Inventory Levels (type: text). The raw JSON data of this variant's inventory levels.
variants.inventory_levels.availableVariant Inventory Levels - Available Quantities (type: text). The available quantities in all locations separated by a comma.
variants.inventory_levels.location_idVariant Inventory Levels - Location IDs (type: text). The list of location IDs separated by comma.
variants.inventory_levels.location_nameVariant Inventory Levels - Location Names (type: text). The list of location names separated by comma.
variants.inventory_levels.updated_atVariant Inventory Levels - Updated Dates (type: text). The list of dates when the inventory level was last updated in each location separated by a comma.
variants.inventory_managementVariant Inventory Management (type: text). Specifies whether or not Shopify tracks the number of items in stock for this product variant.
variants.inventory_policyVariant Inventory Policy (type: text). Specifies whether or not customers are allowed to place an order for a product variant when it's out of stock.
variants.inventory_quantityVariant Inventory Quantity (type: number).
variants.option1Variant Option 1 (type: text).
variants.option2Variant Option 2 (type: text).
variants.option3Variant Option 3 (type: text).
variants.positionVariant Position (type: text). The order of the product variant in the list of product variants. 1 is the first position. To reorder variants, update the product with the variants in the desired order.
variants.priceVariant Price (type: number).
variants.requires_shippingVariant Requires Shipping (type: text).
variants.skuVariant SKU (type: text).
variants.taxableVariant Taxable (type: text).
variants.titleVariant Title (type: text).
variants.updated_atVariant Updated At (type: datetime).
variants.weightVariant Weight (type: number). The weight of the product variant in the unit system specified with weight_unit.
variants.weight_unitVariant Weight Unit (type: text). The unit system that the product variant's weight is measure in. The weight_unit can be either `g`, `kg, `oz`, or `lb`.
vendorVendor (type: text).

App: EZ Exporter

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