EZ Exporter: Shopify Customer Fields Reference

You can reference the Field IDs below in a Custom Field or Calculated Field by enclosing them in double curly braces (e.g. {{ updated_at }}).

Field ID Description
accepts_marketing Accepts Marketing (type: text). Indicates whether the customer has consented to be sent marketing material via email.
accepts_marketing_updated_at Accepts Marketing Updated At (type: datetime). The date and time when the customer consented or objected to receiving marketing material by email.
created_at Created At (type: datetime).
currency Currency (type: text). The three-letter code (ISO 4217 format) for the currency that the customer used when they paid for their last order. Defaults to the shop currency.
default_address.address1 Address1 (type: text).
default_address.address2 Address2 (type: text).
default_address.city City (type: text).
default_address.company Company (type: text).
default_address.country Country (type: text).
default_address.country_code Country Code (type: text).
default_address.country_name Country Name (type: text).
default_address.phone Default Address Phone (type: text).
default_address.province Province (type: text). The customer's province or state name.
default_address.province_code Province Code (type: text). The two-letter pcode for the customer's province or state.
default_address.zip Zip (type: text).
email Email (type: text).
first_name First Name (type: text).
id Customer ID (type: number). A unique numeric identifier for the customer.
last_name Last Name (type: text).
last_order_id Last Order ID (type: number). The id of the customer's last order.
last_order_name Last Order Name (type: text). The name of the customer's last order. This is directly related to the Order's name field.
marketing_opt_in_level Marketing Opt-In Level (type: text). The marketing subscription opt-in level (as described by the M3AAWG best practices guideline) that the customer gave when they consented to receive marketing material by email. If the customer does not accept email marketing, then this property will be blank. Valid values: single_opt_in, confirmed_opt_in, unknown.
multipass_identifier Multipass Identifier (type: text). The customer's identifier used with Multipass login
note Note (type: text). A note about the customer.
orders_count Total Orders (type: number). The number of orders associated with this customer.
phone Phone (type: text).
state Account Status (type: text). The state of the customer's account in a shop. Valid values: disabled, invited, enabled, declined.
tags Tags (type: text).
tax_exempt Tax Exempt (type: text). Indicates whether the customer should be charged taxes when placing orders.
total_spent Total Spent (type: number). The total amount of money that the customer has spent at the shop.
updated_at Updated At (type: datetime).
verified_email Verified Email (type: text). States whether or not the email address has been verified.

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