EZ Exporter: Shopify Order Fields Reference

You can reference the Field IDs below in a Custom Field or Calculated Field by enclosing them in double curly braces (e.g. {{ updated_at }}).

Field IDDescription
app_idApp ID (type: text). Unique identifier of the app that created the order.
billing_address.address1Billing Address1 (type: text).
billing_address.address2Billing Address2 (type: text).
billing_address.cityBilling City (type: text).
billing_address.companyBilling Company (type: text).
billing_address.countryBilling Country (type: text).
billing_address.country_codeBilling Country Code (type: text).
billing_address.defaultBilling Default (type: text).
billing_address.first_nameBilling First Name (type: text).
billing_address.idBilling ID (type: text).
billing_address.last_nameBilling Last Name (type: text).
billing_address.nameBilling Name (type: text).
billing_address.phoneBilling Phone (type: text).
billing_address.provinceBilling Province (type: text).
billing_address.province_codeBilling Province Code (type: text).
billing_address.zipBilling Zip (type: text).
browser_ipBrowser IP (type: text). The IP address of the browser used by the customer when they placed the order.
buyer_accepts_marketingBuyer Accepts Marketing (type: text). Indicates whether or not the person who placed the order would like to receive email updates from the shop. This is set when checking the "I want to receive occasional emails about new products, promotions and other news" checkbox during checkout.
cancel_reasonCancel Reason (type: text). The reason why the order was canceled. Valid values: customer, fraud, inventory, declined, other.
cancelled_atCancelled at (type: datetime).
cart_tokenCart Token (type: text). Unique identifier for a particular cart that is attached to a particular order.
checkout_idCheckout ID (type: text).
checkout_tokenCheckout Token (type: text).
client_details.accept_languageClient Details Accept Language (type: text). The languages and locales that the browser understands.
client_details.browser_heightClient Details Browser Height (type: text). The browser screen height in pixels, if available.
client_details.browser_ipClient Details Browser IP (type: text).
client_details.browser_widthClient Details Browser Width (type: text). The browser screen width in pixels, if available.
client_details.session_hashClient Details Session Hash (type: text).
client_details.user_agentClient Details User Agent (type: text). Details of the browsing client, including software and operating versions.
closed_atClosed At (type: datetime).
created_atCreated At (type: datetime).
currencyCurrency (type: text). The three-letter code for the shop currency.
customer.accepts_marketingCustomer Accepts Marketing (type: text). Indicates whether or not the customer would like to receive email updates from the shop.
customer.created_atCustomer Created At (type: datetime).
customer.default_addressCustomer Default Address (type: text).
customer.default_address.address1Customer Default Address - Address 1 (type: text).
customer.default_address.address2Customer Default Address - Address 2 (type: text).
customer.default_address.cityCustomer Default Address - City (type: text).
customer.default_address.companyCustomer Default Address - Company (type: text).
customer.default_address.countryCustomer Default Address - Country (type: text).
customer.default_address.country_codeCustomer Default Address - Country Code (type: text).
customer.default_address.first_nameCustomer Default Address - First Name (type: text).
customer.default_address.last_nameCustomer Default Address - Last Name (type: text).
customer.default_address.nameCustomer Default Address - Name (type: text).
customer.default_address.phoneCustomer Default Address - Phone (type: text).
customer.default_address.provinceCustomer Default Address - Province (type: text).
customer.default_address.province_codeCustomer Default Address - Province Code (type: text).
customer.default_address.zipCustomer Default Address - Zip (type: text).
customer.emailCustomer Email (type: text).
customer.first_nameCustomer First Name (type: text).
customer.idCustomer ID (type: number).
customer.last_nameCustomer Last Name (type: text).
customer.marketing_opt_in_levelCustomer Marketing Opt-In Level (type: text). The marketing subscription opt-in level (as described by the M3AAWG best practices guideline) that the customer gave when they consented to receive marketing material by email. If the customer does not accept email marketing, then this property will be blank. Valid values: single_opt_in, confirmed_opt_in, unknown.
customer.noteCustomer Note (type: text). A note about the customer.
customer.orders_countCustomer Orders Count (type: number). The number of orders placed by this customer to a shop.
customer.stateCustomer State (type: text). The state of the customers account. Valid values: disabled, invited, enabled, declined.
customer.tagsCustomer Tags (type: text).
customer.tax_exemptCustomer Tax Exempt (type: text). Whether the customer is exempt from paying taxes on their order. If True, then taxes won't be applied to an order at checkout. If False, then taxes will be applied at checkout.
customer.total_spentCustomer Total Spent (type: number). The total amount of money that the customer has spent across their order history.
customer.updated_atCustomer Updated At (type: datetime).
customer.verified_emailCustomer Verified Email (type: text). Whether the customer has verified their email address.
customer_localeCustomer Locale (type: text). The two or three-letter language code, optionally followed by a region modifier.
discount_applicationsDiscount Applications (type: text). An ordered list of stacked discount applications.
discount_codesDiscount Codes (type: text).
discount_codes.amountDiscount Codes (Amount) (type: text).
discount_codes.codeDiscount Codes (Code) (type: text).
discount_codes.typeDiscount Codes (Type) (type: text).
emailEmail (type: text).
financial_statusFinancial Status (type: text).
fulfillment_statusFulfillment Status (type: text).
fulfillments.eventsFulfillment Events (type: text). A FulfillmentEvent represents a tracking event belonging to a fulfillment of one or more items in an order. Fulfillment events are displayed on the Order Status Page to update customers on the status of their shipment.
fulfillments.events.delivery_datesFulfillment Events Delivery Dates (type: text). A list of date and time separated by a comma of all `delivered` events for this order.
fulfillments.events.last_delivered_event.happened_atLast Delivered Fulfillment Event Date (type: datetime). The date and time when the last `delivered` fulfillment event occurred.
fulfillments.events.last_delivered_event.messageLast Delivered Fulfillment Event Message (type: text). An arbitrary message describing the status of the last `delivered` event. Can be provided by a shipping carrier.
fulfillments.events.last_event.happened_atLast Fulfillment Event Date (type: datetime). The date and time when the last fulfillment event occurred.
fulfillments.events.last_event.messageLast Fulfillment Event Message (type: text). An arbitrary message describing the status of the last event. Can be provided by a shipping carrier.
fulfillments.events.last_event.statusLast Fulfillment Event Status (type: text). The status of the last fulfillment event. Valid values are `confirmed`, `in_transit`, `out_for_delivery`, `delivered`, and `failure`.
fulfillments.idsFulfillment IDs (type: text).
fulfillments.last_successful_fulfillment.created_atLast Successful Fulfillment Date (type: datetime). The last successful fulfillment date for the entire order.
fulfillments.location_idsFulfillment Location IDs (type: text). The fulfillment location IDs for the order. Only available if the order is in fulfilled or partially-fulfilled status.
fulfillments.location_namesFulfillment Location Names (type: text). The fulfillment location names for the order. Only available if the order is in fulfilled or partially-fulfilled status.
fulfillments.shipment_statusShipment Status (type: text).
fulfillments.tracking_companiesTracking Companies (type: text).
fulfillments.tracking_numbersTracking Numbers (type: text).
fulfillments.tracking_urlsTracking URLs (type: text).
fulfillments_countNumber of Fulfillments (type: number). The total number of fulfillments for this order.
idOrder ID (type: number). The unique numeric identifier for the order. This one is used for API purposes. This is different from the order_number property.
landing_siteLanding Site (type: text). The URL for the page where the buyer landed when entering the shop.
line_items.custom_collections.handleLineitem Custom Collections Handles (type: text).
line_items.custom_collections.idLineitem Custom Collections IDs (type: text).
line_items.custom_collections.published_scopeLineitem Custom Collections Published Scopes (type: text).
line_items.custom_collections.template_suffixLineitem Custom Collections Template Suffixes (type: text).
line_items.custom_collections.titleLineitem Custom Collections Titles (type: text).
line_items.discount_allocationsLineitem Discount Allocations (type: text). An ordered list of amounts allocated by discount applications. Each discount allocation is associated to a particular discount application.
line_items.discount_allocations.discount_codesLineitem Discount Allocations Discount Codes (type: text).
line_items.discount_allocations.total_amountLineitem Discount Allocations Total Amount (type: number).
line_items.fulfillable_quantityLineitem Fulfillable Quantity (type: number). The quantity available to fulfill.
line_items.fulfilled_quantityLineitem Fulfilled Quantity (type: number). The quantity that was fulfilled (note that this does not take into account refunded quantity).
line_items.fulfillment_location_idsLineitem Fulfillment Location IDs (type: text). The fulfillment location IDs for the line item. Only available if the line item is in fulfilled or partially-fulfilled status.
line_items.fulfillment_location_namesLineitem Fulfillment Location Names (type: text). The fulfillment location names for the line item. Only available if the line item is in fulfilled or partially-fulfilled status.
line_items.fulfillment_serviceLineitem Fulfillment Service (type: text). Service provider who is doing the fulfillment. Valid values are either `manual` or the name of the provider. eg: `amazon`, `shipwire`, etc.
line_items.fulfillment_statusLineitem Fulfillment Status (type: text).
line_items.fulfillment_tracking_companiesLineitem Fulfillment Tracking Companies (type: text).
line_items.fulfillment_tracking_numbersLineitem Fulfillment Tracking Numbers (type: text).
line_items.fulfillment_tracking_urlsLineitem Fulfillment Tracking URLs (type: text).
line_items.gift_cardLineitem Gift Card (type: text). States whether or not the line_item is a gift card. If so, the item is not taxed or considered for shipping charges.
line_items.gramsLineitem Grams (type: number).
line_items.idLineitem ID (type: text).
line_items.last_successful_fulfillment.created_atLineitem Last Successful Fulfillment Date (type: datetime). The last successful fulfillment date for the line item.
line_items.nameLineitem Name (type: text). The name of the product variant.
line_items.priceLineitem Price (type: number). The unit price of the item before discounts have been applied.
line_items.product.body_htmlLineitem Product Body HTML (type: text). The product description, complete with HTML formatting. To remove the HTML tags, use the formula `strip_html_tags({{ line_items.product.body_html }})` in Calculated Fields.
line_items.product.handleLineitem Product Handle (type: text). A human-friendly unique string for the Product automatically generated from its title.
line_items.product.image_srcLineitem Product Image Src (type: text). The image URL for the product.
line_items.product.product_typeLineitem Product Type (type: text).
line_items.product.tagsLineitem Product Tags (type: text).
line_items.product_idLineitem Product ID (type: number).
line_items.propertiesLineitem Properties (type: text). An array of custom information for an item that has been added to the cart. Often used to provide product customization options. To place a specific line item property into its own column, you can use a Calculated Field with the formula: search_attributes({{ line_items.properties }}, "Name of the Property")
line_items.properties.nameLineitem Properties Names (type: text).
line_items.properties.valueLineitem Properties Values (type: text).
line_items.quantityLineitem Quantity (type: number). The number of products that were purchased.
line_items.refunded_quantityLineitem Refunded Quantity (type: number).
line_items.requires_shippingLineitem Requires Shipping (type: text).
line_items.skuLineitem SKU (type: text).
line_items.smart_collections.handleLineitem Smart Collections Handles (type: text).
line_items.smart_collections.idLineitem Smart Collections IDs (type: text).
line_items.smart_collections.published_scopeLineitem Smart Collections Published Scopes (type: text).
line_items.smart_collections.template_suffixLineitem Smart Collections Template Suffixes (type: text).
line_items.smart_collections.titleLineitem Smart CollectionsTitles (type: text).
line_items.tax_linesLineitem Tax Lines (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.priceLineitem Tax Lines Prices (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.rateLineitem Tax Lines Rates (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.titleLineitem Tax Lines Titles (type: text).
line_items.tax_lines.total_priceLineitem Tax Lines Total Price (type: number).
line_items.taxableLineitem Taxable (type: text).
line_items.tip_payment_gatewayLineitem Tip Payment Gateway (type: text). The payment gateway used to tender the tip, such as shopify_payments. Present only on tips.
line_items.tip_payment_methodLineitem Tip Payment Method (type: text). The payment method used to tender the tip, such as Visa. Present only on tips.
line_items.titleLineitem Title (type: text). The title of the product.
line_items.total_discountLineitem Discount (type: number). The total discount amount applied to this line item via Shopify POS. This value is not subtracted in the line item price.
line_items.total_priceLineitem Total Price (type: number). The total price of the line item before discounts have been applied (price x quantity).
line_items.variant.barcodeLineitem Variant Barcode (type: text).
line_items.variant.compare_at_priceLineitem Variant Compare At Price (type: number). The competitors price for the same item.
line_items.variant.gramsLineitem Variant Grams (type: number).
line_items.variant.image_idLineitem Variant Image ID (type: number).
line_items.variant.image_srcLineitem Variant Image Src (type: text). The image URL for the variant.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.costLineitem Variant Inventory Item Cost (type: number). The current unit cost of the inventory item.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.country_code_of_originLineitem Variant Inventory Item Country Code of Origin (type: text). The two-digit code for the country where the inventory item was made.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.harmonized_system_codeLineitem Variant Inventory Item Harmonized System Code (type: text). The general Harmonized System (HS) code for the inventory item. Used by border officers to classify this product.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.province_code_of_originLineitem Variant Inventory Item Province Code of Origin (type: text). The two-digit code for the province where the inventory item was made. Used only if the shipping provider for the inventory item is Canada Post.
line_items.variant.inventory_item.trackedLineitem Variant Inventory Item Tracked (type: text). Whether the inventory item is tracked. If true, then inventory quantity changes are tracked by Shopify.
line_items.variant.inventory_item_idLineitem Variant Inventory Item ID (type: text).
line_items.variant.inventory_managementLineitem Variant Inventory Management (type: text). Specifies whether or not Shopify tracks the number of items in stock for this product variant.
line_items.variant.inventory_policyLineitem Variant Inventory Policy (type: text). Specifies whether or not customers are allowed to place an order for a product variant when it's out of stock.
line_items.variant.inventory_quantityLineitem Variant Inventory Quantity (type: number).
line_items.variant.option1Lineitem Variant Option 1 (type: text).
line_items.variant.option2Lineitem Variant Option 2 (type: text).
line_items.variant.option3Lineitem Variant Option 3 (type: text).
line_items.variant.positionLineitem Variant Position (type: number). The order of the product variant in the list of product variants. 1 is the first position. To reorder variants, update the product with the variants in the desired order.
line_items.variant.weightLineitem Variant Weight (type: number).
line_items.variant.weight_unitLineitem Variant Weight Unit (type: text).
line_items.variant_idLineitem Variant ID (type: number).
line_items.variant_titleLineitem Variant Title (type: text). The title of the product variant.
line_items.vendorLineitem Vendor (type: text). The name of the supplier of the item.
line_items_countNumber of Line Items (type: number). The number of line items in the order.
location_idLocation ID (type: text). Only present on orders processed at point of sale. The unique numeric identifier for the physical location at which the order was processed.
nameOrder Name (type: text). The customer's order name as represented by a number.
noteNotes (type: text). An optional note that a shop owner can attach to the order.
note_attributesNote Attributes (type: text). Extra information that is added to the order. Also referred to as cart attributes. To place a specific note attribute into its own column, you can use a Calculated Field with the formula: search_attributes({{ note_attributes }}, "Name of the Attribute")
note_attributes.nameNote Attributes Names (type: text).
note_attributes.valueNote Attributes Values (type: text).
numberNumber (type: number). Numerical identifier unique to the shop. A number is sequential.
order_numberOrder Number (type: number). A unique numeric identifier for the order. This one is used by the shop owner and customer. This is different from the id property.
order_status_urlOrder Status URL (type: text).
payment_gateway_namesPayment Gateway Names (type: text). The list of all payment gateways used for the order.
processed_atProcessed at (type: datetime). The date and time when the order was imported. This value can be set to dates in the past when importing from other systems. If no value is provided, it will be auto-generated based on the current date and time in Shopify.
processing_methodProcessing Method (type: text). States the type of payment processing method.
products_countNumber of Products (type: number). The number of unique products in the order.
referring_siteReferring Site (type: text). The website that the customer clicked on to come to the shop.
refundsRefunds (type: text).
refunds.created_atRefund Dates (type: text).
refunds.idRefund IDs (type: number).
refunds.last_refund.created_atLast Refund Date (type: datetime).
refunds.noteRefund Notes (type: text). An optional note attached to the refund.
refunds.transactions.total_amountRefund Transactions Total Amount (type: number). The total refund amount for the order.
refunds.user_idRefund User IDs (type: number). The unique identifier of the user who performed the refund.
risksRisks (type: text).
risks.cause_cancelRisks Cause Cancel (type: text). Indicates to the merchant that this risk was severe enough to force cancellation of the order.
risks.checkout_idRisks Checkout IDs (type: text).
risks.displayRisks Display (type: text). States whether or not the risk is displayed.
risks.idRisks IDs (type: text).
risks.messageRisks Messages (type: text). A message that should be displayed to the merchant to indicate the results of the fraud check.
risks.recommendationRisks Recommendations (type: text). The recommended action given to the merchant (e.g. cancel, investigate, or accept).
risks.scoreRisks Scores (type: text). A number between 0 and 1 indicating percentage likelihood of being fraud.
risks.sourceRisks Sources (type: text). This indicates the source of the risk assessment.
shipping_address.address1Shipping Address1 (type: text).
shipping_address.address2Shipping Address2 (type: text).
shipping_address.cityShipping City (type: text).
shipping_address.companyShipping Company (type: text).
shipping_address.countryShipping Country (type: text).
shipping_address.country_codeShipping Country Code (type: text).
shipping_address.first_nameShipping First Name (type: text).
shipping_address.last_nameShipping Last Name (type: text).
shipping_address.latitudeShipping Latitude (type: text).
shipping_address.longitudeShipping Longitude (type: text).
shipping_address.nameShipping Name (type: text).
shipping_address.phoneShipping Phone (type: text).
shipping_address.provinceShipping Province (type: text).
shipping_address.province_codeShipping Province Code (type: text).
shipping_address.zipShipping Zip (type: text).
shipping_linesShipping Lines (type: text).
shipping_lines.carrier_identifierShipping Lines Carrier IDs (type: text). A reference to the carrier service that provided the rate. Present if the rate was computed by a third party carrier service; null otherwise.
shipping_lines.codeShipping Lines Codes (type: text). A reference to the shipping method.
shipping_lines.delivery_categoryShipping Lines Delivery Categories (type: text).
shipping_lines.idShipping Lines IDs (type: text).
shipping_lines.phoneShipping Lines Phone Numbers (type: text).
shipping_lines.priceShipping Lines Prices (type: text). The price of the shipping method.
shipping_lines.requested_fulfillment_service_idShipping Lines Requested Fulfillment Service IDs (type: text). A reference to the fulfillment service that is being requested for the shipping method. Present if shipping method requires processing by a third party fulfillment service; null otherwise.
shipping_lines.sourceShipping Lines Sources (type: text). The source of the shipping method.
shipping_lines.tax_linesShipping Lines Tax Lines (type: text).
shipping_lines.titleShipping Method (type: text). The title of the shipping method.
shipping_lines.total_priceShipping Lines Total Price (type: number). The total shipping price for this order.
source_nameSource (type: text). Where the order originated.
subtotal_priceSubtotal (type: number). The price of the order after discounts but before shipping, taxes, and tips.
tagsTags (type: text). Tags attached to the order, formatted as a string of comma-separated values.
taxes_includedTaxes Included (type: text).
tokenToken (type: text). Unique identifier for a particular order.
total_discountsDiscount Amount (type: number). The total discounts applied to the price of the order.
total_line_items_priceTotal Lineitems Price (type: number). The sum of all line item prices.
total_priceTotal (type: number). The sum of all line item prices, discounts, shipping, taxes, and tips.
total_taxTaxes (type: number). The sum of all the taxes applied to the order.
total_weightTotal Weight (type: number). The sum of all the weights of the line items in the order, in grams.
transactionsTransactions (type: text).
transactions.amountTransactions Amount (type: text). The values of the `amount` field in the list of transactions separated by a comma.
transactions.authorizationTransactions Authorization Codes (type: text). The authorization code associated with the transaction.
transactions.currencyTransactions Currency (type: text).
transactions.device_idTransactions Device IDs (type: text).
transactions.error_codeTransactions Error Codes (type: text). A standardized error code, independent of the payment provider. Value can be null.
transactions.gatewayTransactions Gateway Names (type: text). The name of the gateway the transaction was issued through.
transactions.gift_card.receiptGift Card Transactions Receipts (type: text).
transactions.gift_card.total_amountGift Card Transactions Total Amount (type: number). The total gift card amount applied to the order.
transactions.idTransactions IDs (type: text).
transactions.kindTransactions Kinds (type: text). The kind of transaction (e.g. authorization, capture, sale, void, refund).
transactions.last_successful_transaction.created_atLast Successful Transaction Date (type: datetime).
transactions.messageTransactions Messages (type: text).
transactions.payment_detailsTransactions Payment Details (type: text). An object containing information about the credit card used for this transaction.
transactions.receiptTransactions Receipts (type: text). A transaction receipt attached to the transaction by the gateway. The value of this field will vary depending on which gateway the shop is using.
transactions.source_nameTransactions Source Names (type: text). The origin of the transaction. This is set by Shopify and cannot be overridden. Example values include: `web`, `pos`, `iphone`, `android`
transactions.statusTransactions Status (type: text).
transactions.successful_transactionsSuccessful Transactions (type: text).
transactions.testTransactions Tests (type: text). The option to use the transaction for testing purposes. Valid values are `true` or `false.`
transactions.total_refundsTransactions Total Refunds (type: number). The sum of all `refund` transactions. This is an old field, we recommend using the `refunds.transactions.total_amount` field instead.
transactions.user_idTransactions User IDs (type: text).
updated_atUpdated At (type: datetime).
user_idUser ID (type: number). The ID of the user logged into Shopify who processed the order, if applicable.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: shopify, field reference, shopify fields