Add Tracking Numbers When Importing Shopify Orders

Adding tracking numbers to your imported orders is now possible with EZ Importer.  This allows you to have all the relevant shipping information needed for your customers all within your Shopify store.  Adding tracking numbers is straight forward and works like any other field you need to add to your order.

Configure Your Data Mapping

As with all other fields we support, you'll need to map your CSV fields to the tracking fields provided by Shopify.  Simply go to your data mapping and select the Fulfillments tab under the More Tabs option.

From here you can select the tracking_numbers, tracking_company and tracking_URLs.  Shopify recommends that you always provide a tracking_company on import so they can generate the tracking URLs properly.  If you do not have a tracking company or the tracking company is not supported by Shopify they recommend providing Other as the tracking company name.  

Multiple Tracking Numbers

At this time we only support creating a single Fulfillment on imported orders.  If you need to provide multiple tracking numbers for an order you can do so by providing the tracking numbers in a comma separated list in your CSV field or you can add tracking numbers on the same row as your line items.  Shopify will then add all tracking numbers you provide to your order and generate the tracking URLs.  If you would like to provide the tracking URLs with the tracking numbers, a comma separated list of tracking URLs or adding tracking URLs by line item are supported.

We recommend you read our documentation on the feature to get a full understanding of how the feature works and it's limitations.  We're excited to be able to support this feature and hope it provides value to Shopfiy merchants looking to import orders.

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