How to Delete Orders from the Shopify Admin

Deleting orders from the Shopify admin can be trickier than you would think. We've had multiple customers ask us if we could help them delete a single order from their store.

The first thing you need to do is mark the order archived or canceled before you can actually delete the order. You can do this by clicking the more actions drop down at the top of the order page. You'll see multiple options in the drop down, just select the archived or canceled option. The cancel order option will not show if the order is marked fulfilled or partially fulfilled. Shopify does not allow you to cancel orders that have been fulfilled. If you're trying to delete an order that has been fulfilled, you'll need to archive the order.

Shopify Order Admin Actions

In our example we're going to mark the order canceled. Once the order has successfully been marked canceled or archived you will see a delete button on the bottom of the order page.

Shopify Order Admin Delete

From here you know what to do. Click the Delete this order button to remove the order from your shopify store. Just remember, if you're using an importing app to import orders and you set the order name you will NOT be able to use that order name for another order. You should also know that this option is not reversible. Once you delete the order it will be removed from your store. There is no undo for this feature.

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