Download Your Data Mappings to a CSV Template

We've had a lot of customers ask if they could download templates after they've built their data mappings. This can make generate external data a lot easier. Whether your exporting from another system or building a set of scripts to pull your data from a database, it's nice to be able to easily create a template.

EZ Importer now allows you to download a csv template for any data mapping you've created. The template is generated by looking at the Shopify Fields you've selected and writing the Header Names of the selected fields as the first row in the CSV file. This means any Shopify Fields you haven't selected will not be exported to the template.

To export the file go the EZ Importer homepage and click the Data Mappings tab. This tab will display a list of all the data mappings you've created for your store. Under the action column you'll see a Template button to the far right of the row. Click this button and EZ Importer will generate the file and present a download dialog.

Download Data Mapping as CSV Template

Select a location to save the file and then click the save button. That's it, you'll now have a CSV file with a single row to match the Header Names you've select for that Data Mapping

Hopefully you'll find this new feature useful!

Tags: new features, ez importer, data mapping