Exporting Fulfillment Dates at the Line Item Level From Shopify Orders

EZ Exporter has had the Shopify order fulfillment date field available for a while now, but this field is the final fulfillment date for the entire order.

We've gotten a request recently from one of our customers asking if it's possible to also figure out when a specific line item in the order was fulfilled.  The reason is an order could contain products to be fulfilled by multiple vendors and they'd like to be able to run a report to measure the lead time.

The use-case certainly makes sense and I know we have many customers who do dropshipping and also have multiple vendors that could potentially find this field useful so we've decided to add it.

In EZ Exporter's order export, you should now see a new field called Lineitem Last Successful Fulfillment Date (line_items.last_successful_fulfillment.created_at) that you can select to be included in the Excel or CSV export.

Export Line Item Fulfillment Date from Shopify orders

Below are other fields related to fulfillment at the line item level that can be exported with our app as well:

  • Lineitem Fulfillment Location IDs
  • Lineitem Fulfillment Location Names
  • Lineitem Fulfillment Service
  • Lineitem Fulfillment Status
  • Lineitem Fulfillment Tracking Companies
  • Lineitem Fulfillment Tracking Numbers
  • Lineitem Fulfillment Tracking URLs

This new field is also available in the Custom Filters so you can add a filter based on its value.

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