EZ Exporter: Additional Shopify Order Refund Fields

We've had the refund amount field in EZ Exporter for some time now but we've recently gotten questions on how to run certain reports involving other refund fields such as the refund date.

To make this process easier for our users, we decided to include additional refund fields that can be selected and referenced in a formula such as the following:

  • Refund Dates
  • Last Refund Date
  • Refund Notes
  • User IDs

Most of these fields can be used in the Custom Filters as well, so you can run reports based on the the date the refund was issue, the user who issued the refund, and the reason for the refund.

One example of a report that you might want to run is a list of refunds issued since last year with a custom column telling you the number of days between when the order was placed and when the refund was issued.

In EZ Exporter, you can use the following settings to do this:

Custom Filters

  • Last Refund Date is greater than 2018-01-01

Calculated Fields

Formula to calculate the number of days between order creation date and last refund date:

(to_datetime({{ refunds.last_refund.created_at }}) - to_datetime({{ created_at }})).days

And the output will look something like this:

Shopify Refund Report Sample - EZ Exporter Shopify app

A real use-case one of our customers is actually using our app for is a report of orders created the day before yesterday that were refunded today. This can then be scheduled to run daily and sent to their team automatically.

Tags: reporting, shopify orders, shopify refunds