EZ Exporter: August 2020 Updates

It's that time of the month again and we're happy to report additional improvements we've made to our EZ Exporter app this month. :)

New servers

We've added 3 new backend servers to our EZ Exporter infrastructure.  Our monthly installs have gone up quite a bit since March and these new servers will ensure that our infrastructure will have sufficient computing capacity to process export tasks in a timely manner as our userbase grows further.

New function: get_value_by_position()

We've added a new function called get_value_by_position().

This function will allow you to pull out a specific value from data based on its position.  This will work both with text/string data and arrays/lists.

For example, if you have a field called note and the data is "hello world", using the formula get_value_by_position({{ note }}, 5) will export the letter "o".

If you have a list of data like the tags field with the values "red, green, blue", using the formula get_value_by_position(to_list({{ tags }}), 2) will return the second tag which is "green".

If a value at the specified position doesn't exist, the function will simply return a blank/empty value.

Edit and duplicate buttons on the Export Profile page is now a dropdown

These buttons now provide you the options to edit or duplicate either the Export Profile or the Data Settings.

Additional pre-computed fields in the order data export

For order exports, you can now select the following pre-computed fields:

  • line_items.refunded_subtotal
  • line_items.refunded_total_tax

Tags: new features, ez exporter