EZ Exporter: February 2021 Updates

Below is a list of things we've been working on in February for our Shopify data export app, EZ Exporter.  These are now live in the app.

New fields for Order data export

The following fields are now available when exporting order data.

  • total_outstanding
  • test
  • line_items.product.pubished_at

New sort by fields for Order data export

You can now sort the order data on export by the following fields:

  • Last Successful Fulfillment Date
  • Last Successful Transaction Date

Upgrade to API version 2021-01

We've upgraded to the latest stable Shopify REST API version.

New "Status" field and filter for Product data export

A new "status" field has been added in the product data which you can now export

In the Data Settings, under "Filters", you can also now filter the data by the following status:

  • Any
  • Active
  • Archived
  • Draft

This field is available in the Custom Filters as well for more advanced filtering, such as a combination of different status.

Tags: new features, ez exporter