EZ Exporter: January 2021 Updates

It's that time of the month again!

Below is a ist of updates that we've made to our EZ Exporter app last month.

New condition options for Custom Filters

We've added 2 new conditions you can use in the Custom Filters:

  • is greater than or equal to
  • is less than or equal to

Tooltip improvements

The tooltips in the Fields section of the Data Settings now shows the default label and the field's data type.

A button has been added in the Custom Filters section as well to display a tooltip on hover.

We've also added additional information on the tooltip texts to help our users figure out what the valid values are for certain fields.

Python-style list comprehension is now supported

You can now use simple "for loops" via list comprehension in the Calculated Fields.


Say you have a list of SKUs in the field {{ line_items_sku_list }} with the value "A1,B2,C3" and you want to append the text "-NEW" to each one:

",".join([i + "-NEW" for i in to_list({{ line_items_sku_list }})])

The formula above will output a new string of "A1-NEW,B2-NEW,C3-NEW".

More advanced, say you only want to append it to the SKU "B2":

",".join([i + "-NEW" if i == "B2" else i for i in to_list({{ line_items_sku_list }})])

Will output:


Note that we set a limit of 10,000 iterations when using list comprehensions to prevent users from accidentally using formulas with infinite loops.  This is a very high limit and we don't see any use case where a user would need to iterate over 10,000 items.

Tags: new features, ez exporter