EZ Exporter: June 2020 Updates

Below is a list of smaller updates we've pushed this month to our Shopify data export app, EZ Exporter.

New field: total_tip_received

Shopify added an online tipping option for web orders last month, which merchants can add to the checkout page. This option used to be only available through Shopify POS.

In EZ Exporter, you can now select a field called total_tip_received. This field is also available in the Custom Filters and the Grouping and Aggregation sections in the Data Settings.

New "Payment status" filter for orders: "Partially Refunded or Refunded"

We decided to add a combined option for "Partially Refunded" and "Refunded" orders as this appears to be a pretty common filter that merchants use.

Backups now support choosing specific Export Profiles and Data Settings

Previously, our backup option only allowed our users to export all Export Profiles and/or all Data Settings.  We've added options so our users can now select specific ones to back up which can then be restored to other Shopify stores.  This is a very useful option for merchants with multiple Shopify stores as it allows them to copy over specific templates across their Shopify stores.

New "Reply-To" setting for email exports

By default, when sending reports via email using our app, we set the email's "Reply-To" header to the email address associated with the Shopify store.  This new option allows our users to override this default setting and use a different Reply-To email address of their choosing.

Tags: new features, ez exporter, shopify data export