EZ Exporter: October 2020 Updates

This will probably be the last set of new features we'll be pushing this year for EZ Exporter as we're basically now in "maintenance mode" for the holiday shopping season.

To minimize the risks of potentially introducing new bugs during the busiest time of the year for ecommerce, we're going to hold off on bigger updates until early January. We plan to only push very minor, low risk updates (such as minor UI tweaks) in the upcoming two months.

Below are some of the noteworthy improvements we've made this month.

Update to the get_value_by_position() function

The get_value_by_position() function now allows negative positions. This allows you to pull values starting from the end of the data.  For example, you can enter a value of -1 to pull the last value.

New function: load_json_data()

The load_json_data() function converts raw JSON strings to a Python object so we can perform additional operations to it.

New pre-built templates

We've added new templates for a Facebook Product Data Feed and a PInterest Product Data Feed. Both templates already have the required fields configured and can be modified further to include addtional fields or change the field mappings.

New Google Sheets action

We've added a new option on how to update an existing Google Sheets spreadsheet: Add new sheet of overwrite if sheet exists.

This option will attempt to export the data to a new sheet/tab first based on the name specified, but if a sheet with the same name already exists in the spreadsheet then it will simply overwrite that entire sheet with new data.

New pre-set option for the "Payment status" filter for order exports

We've added a new pre-set option under Filters > Payment status in the Data Settings called Paid or Partially Refunded.  This will include orders that are either in "Paid" or "Partially Refunded" financial status.

Additional fields to sort by when exporting orders or products

When exporting order data, you can now sort by the Lineitem Variant Option 1, Lineitem Variant Option 2, or LIneitem Variant Opiton 3 field.

When exporting product data, you can now sort by the Variant Option 1, Variant Option 2, Variant Option 3 field.

New fields in order exports

The following fields at the order level can now be included and filtered when doing order exports.

  • List of Lineitem SKUs
  • List of Lineitem Names
  • List of Lineitem Product IDs
  • List of Lineitem Variant IDs
  • List of Lineitem Vendors

These fields will export the combined line item data separated by a comma in one column for each order.  Having them available in the Custom Filters section also allows you to filter the data at the order level based on whether an order contains certain line items (e.g. only export orders that contains a specific line item SKU).

Tags: new features, ez exporter