EZ Exporter: Option to Never Use Quotes in Shopify CSV Exports

By default, EZ Exporter uses "minimal quoting" when exporting Shopify data to CSV. This means that quotes will only be added to the fields if the data contains characters that could break the CSV parsing, such as line breaks/newline characters or a character that conflicts with the data separator/delimiter.

For example, if you're using semicolons as the delimiter and a field data also contains a semicolon, then this field will be automatically enclosed with quotes when the CSV file is generated to tell the software that would be reading that CSV file to not treat that data as if it should belong to a separate column.

We've also had the option in our app to always add quotes to fields for some time now as we've gotten this request from customers in the past. Their supplier basically requires them to send the CSV data this way.

Then just very recently, a customer notified us that their system couldn't import one of their order CSV files because one of the shipping addresses in the data were enclosed in quotes. The shipping address contained a line break and they were using the "minimal quoting" option so that data was automatically enclosed in quotes. Most spreadsheet applications know how to handle this automatically, but some systems are much stricter. We were able to figure out a quick fix by simply stripping out the line breaks in the data using our Calculated Fields feature.

That fix, while it worked just fine, felt a bit "hacky." That line break was probably entered by the customer filling out the shipping details by accident and probably rare. But this could happen to other fields as well and it would be a bit of a pain to add a formula for each field that could contain a line break, which is basically any field where the input comes from a human.

We felt that a cleaner way was to simply provide an option in our app to never add quotes and let the user decide which "escape character" to use in those cases when there's a data conflict. So that's what we did.

In EZ Exporter, you now have these 3 quoting options:

  • All - Add quotes to all fields.
  • Minimal - Only add quotes where necessary, such as when the field data contains line breaks or a character that conflicts with the specified delimiter.
  • None - Never add quotes to fields, you can specify your own escape character.

In addition to these quoting options, our app also supports other formatting options such as being able to select a delimiter or line terminator.

EZ Exporter - Custom CSV Exporter for Shopify - CSV Formatting Options

These options should pretty much handle the majority of CSV formats different systems might require. If there's a certain CSV format that you need that you think a combination of these options won't be able to provide, please do let us know! We're always looking for ways to improve and trying to make EZ Exporter the best CSV exporter app for Shopify out there. :)

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