EZ Exporter Update: Backing Up Specific Export Profiles and Data Settings

We've just pushed a small update to our EZ Exporter app to allow our users to back up specific Export Profiles and Data Settings which can be restored to another Shopify store.

Previously, we only had options to back up all Export Profiles and/or all Data Settings, which works fine in many cases where a Shopify merchant needs to duplicate export templates from one store to another.

However, we've gotten a request recently from one of our customers who just needs to copy over one specific template from one store to another.  We actually have quite a number of customers that have multiple stores and figured this will probably come in handy as well for many of them so we've decided to implement it.

We have customers, for example, that have a separate staging store where they test different settings first before applying them to their production stores.  With this update, they can then just back up that specific Data Settings or Export Profile they were working on to restore into the other stores.

On EZ Exporter's "Backup" page, you should now see a dropdown where you can search and select specific Export Profiles and Data Settings to back up:

Back up specific Export Profiles and Data Settings

If you'd like to back up everything, just leave the selections blank.  Once youve downloaded the backup file, you can them simply restore it into another Shopify store.

Tags: new features, ez exporter