EZ Exporter Update: Python Syntax Highlighting and Variable Autocompletion Now Supported in Calculated Fields

Our Calculated Fields feature is one of the features that many of our customers have told us they find really useful in EZ Exporter as it provides so much flexibility for manipulating data on export.

For a long time, the input field to enter the formulas was just  a simple text field.  In most cases, this was fine as most users don't require very complex formulas.

But for our more advanced users, they sometimes need to use very complex formulas involving combinations of conditional logic, arithmetic, and text manipulation and it's easy to have typos/syntax errors when dealing with these types of formulas.

To help minimize these errors, we've just pushed an update where the Calculated Fields formula field now supports a pop-up editor with syntax highlighting (we use Python syntax) and autocompletion for field variables.

The syntax highlighting helps our users easily figure out where they might have entered an incorrect keyword or missing a closing tag (like a closing quote or bracket). 

We've also added an option to autocomplete field variables which should help reduce the chances of having typos in the variable names.  By pressing Ctrl+Space in the editor, they'll be provided with a list of available variables they can select from where the list gets filtered automatically as they type part of the variable name.  They can also use the arrow keys and tab to autocomplete the variable name instead of selecting it with a mouse.

Below is a quick demonstration of what this looks like in the app.

EZ Exporter Calculated Fields editor with Python syntax highlighting and autocomplete

The editor will only get displayed when clicking the "Expand" button so it's totally optional to use.  The users can still enter the formula directly in the plain text input field which might be faster for them if they're only dealing with simple formulas or they're copying and pasting formulas from one input field to another.

Tags: new features, ez exporter, calculated fields