EZ Importer: Deleting Imported Orders

We've just pushed an update to EZ Importer that allows you to delete/undo an order import that was successfully imported to Shopify.

When importing orders there are many reasons you may decide you need to remove the orders you've imported. You could have imported your orders with invalid data or you may have run a few tests and want to remove the test orders from you store. In any case we've made it easy for your to remove the orders from your Shopify store.

After you've successfully imported your orders to Shopify, you should see a "Delete Imported Orders" button on the bottom of the "View Import Order" page.

When you click this button you will be presented with a warning page. Deleting orders from your Shopify store is an action that can not be reversed. You may import the orders again but you can not undo this action. Deleting any orders from your store should be done with caution.

The last thing to note when deleting orders is that EZ Importer will only delete orders that were imported through the app. There is no way to delete orders from your shopify store that were not imported using EZ Importer. When clicking the "Delete Imported Orders" button EZ Importer looks up all successful imports for that input file and uses the Shopify order number to delete the orders from the import.

In the future we will be releasing features to allow you to delete a range of orders that were imported from your input file or an individual order.

Tags: new features, shopify, ez importer, delete