EZ Inventory: Export Detailed Log of Inventory Quantity Updates to CSV

We've just added an option in the "Activity Log Details" page of EZ Inventory to allow our users to export that data to CSV.

We've added this option as one of our customers told us it would save him time as he needs to be able to import that data into their CRM system from time to time. We figured this could be a useful tool for other things as well, such as for quickly re-uploading the file back to EZ Inventory for updating specific products.

When you visit the "Activity Log Details" page, you should now see a button on the top right called "Export." The button will give you a bunch of option whether to export everything or just the successful/skipped/failed updates.

EZ Inventory for Shopify - Export details of inventory quantity updates

The output will look something like this:

EZ Inventory for Shopify - CSV export of quantity updates

Tags: new features, shopify, csv, ez inventory