EZ Inventory Update: Optional HTTP Headers Setting Now Available for Web Feeds

We've recently pushed an update to our EZ Inventory Shopify app which allows our users to specify additional HTTP headers when pulling their product/inventory feeds.

A use case that came up was when one of our customer's supplier feed recently made a change to their website to require a 'User-Agent' header before the web request is accepted.  So having this option took care of the issue.

There are other use cases where being able to specify a custom header could come in handy, such as when authenticating to a REST API endpoint where an access token is required.  Usually, this will be passed into the 'Authorization' header.

In EZ Inventory, you can find this optional setting under the Data Feed settings > Source Data when selecting the "Web (HTTP/HTTPS)" feed type as shown below:

This update provides additional flexibility when working with web feeds, where an endpoint may require additional information via the HTTP headers before serving the data.

Tags: new features, ez inventory, product feeds, inventory feeds, shopify inventory update