Making Sure Your Fulfilled and Paid Orders Are Not Archived

I was recently setting up a new Shopify store and noticed all orders that were marked as fulfilled were archived. This wasn't something I expected and as I looked around the Shopify admin it wasn't obvious how to fix it. After a bunch of digging I finally figured out what was going on.

If like me, you don't want your fulfilled orders to be archived you're going to have to make a change to your Shopify settings. First go to the settings page on Shopify and click on the checkout option. Then scroll down to the Order processing section.

You'll see a section that reads After an order has been fulfilled and paid. There's a checkbox that was checked by default that says Automatically archive the order. Click this so it's no longer checked. Once you're done, click the save button on the bottom of the page. Now when your orders are fulfilled and paid they will no longer be archived.

I hope this quick tip saves you some time trying to figure out why your fulfilled and paid orders are archived.

Tags: shopify, orders, fulfilled