Add a Location to Your Orders Using EZ Importer

It's no longer uncommon for Shopify merchants to have multiple fulfillment centers or locations to ship their products from.  When we first launched EZ Importer Shopify didn't even have support for multiple warehouse locations.  Now a days, it's much more common and something we hear more and more merchants asking about.  In order to help as many merchants as we can, we now allow you to add your location to your order when importing orders into Shopify.

Data Mapping

At this time you need to add the location of your order using the location_id and not the name.  To get the location id, you first have to go to the location settings in your Shopify admin.  The id of your location is the number at the end of the URL for that location.

Adding the location to your order is straight forward but you should be aware that there are two location_id fields.  The location_id field you want to use is found on the Fulfillment tab in the More Fields tab dropdown.

Once you get to the fulfillment section of the data mapping, you'll want to map the fulfillment_order.assigned_location_id to the CSV column that has your location.

Partially Fulfilled Orders

There is one minor limitation when adding locations to your imported orders.  If you're going to import partially fulfilled orders, the location on the fulfilled part of the order can not be changed.  As of now, the default location setup in your Shopify admin will be used.  Shopify does not allow you to change the location on fulfilled orders and their Order API does not set the location_id provided on the fulfilled part of the order.  

This is only the case for partially fulfilled orders, as the location_id of a fulfilled order can be set.  We're looking at possible workarounds in the future to handle this use-case.

We hope this is a big improvement for Shopify stores who have multiple locations.  We will continue to make improvements to the way locations work while importing orders to your Shopify store and we recommend you read our full documentation on how the feature works before importing any orders.

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