EZ Exporter: Export Additional Gift Card Data From Shopify Orders

We've gotten a few customer questions recently regarding exporting gift card information applied to the Shopify order.

One customer needed to export the last 4 characters of the gift card code that was used to pay for the order and another needed the amount paid by gift card. These data are stored in the order transaction data provided by the Shopify API and our app has functions that can be used in the Calculated Fields to retrieve them, but we figured we should add fields with pre-computed values in the field selection as well to make retrieval easier.

In EZ Exporter's Data Settings -> Fields, you can now select the following:

  • transactions.gift_card.receipt (contains the gift card ID and last 4 characters of the gift card code)
  • transactions.gift_card.total_amount (the total amount of all gift cards applied to the order)

Export Shopify Gift Card Transactions

The "Gift Card Transactions Total Amount" field can also be used in the Custom Filters so you can generate reports based on the gift card amount that was used to pay for the order.

To make things even easier, we've also added a report template called "Orders Paid with Gift Card (Last 7 Days)" that already has these fields pre-selected along with additional order fields that we think will be most useful to the merchant. They can of course be modified further to suit your needs (such as adding additional fields or changing the date range).

A sample report will look something like this:

EZ Exporter - Export Shopify Gift Card Payments

If multiple gift cards are used, the applied gift card amounts will be added up and the last 4 characters of all the gift cards that were used will simply be exported in one column separated by a comma.

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