Tag Your Fulfilled Orders With EZ Fulfill

We're excited to announce that you can now tag your fulfilled orders using EZ Fulfill.  Adding tags will help you organize and find your orders in the Shopify admin.  Once you've added tags, they can be used to search and filter your orders.  Even though customers can't see the tags on your orders, they're extremely valuable for your team.

Tagging Your Orders

Tagging your orders works like the rest of the fulfillment fields in the app.  To tag your orders simply add the column name in your file to the Your Tags Field input on your Data Feed.

Once you've mapped your tags field, save your Data Feed so you can add tags on your next fulfillment.  Orders are tagged only if the order was successfully filled.  If the order can not be fulfilled for some reason the tag will not be added and an error will be displayed in the Activity Log.

Multiple Tags

There are cases when you may want to add more than one tag on an order if it's been fulfilled.   To add multiple tags you simply want to add a comma between the two tags in your input file like below:

EZ Fulfill will read the column in your input file and send the tags with the comma separating each tag to Shopify.  Shopify will separate each tag by the comma and add it to your order.

Any tags that already exist on your order will not be changed when adding new tags.  EZ Fulfill will add tags to your orders, not override them.  For more details on how this feature works read our documentation here.

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