EZ Exporter Update: Filtering by User-Defined Fields Now Available

Our EZ Exporter app has had the option to add custom filters based on standard Shopify fields for a long time now.  There are many Shopify fields to choose from and this has worked very well for the vast majority of our users.

However, there had been cases where our more advanced users needed even more advanced filtering based on custom metafields or the output of calculated field formulas.

We've just pushed an update to handle these scenarios where our users can now also add additional filters based on their own custom User-Defined Fields.

In the Custom Filters section of the Data Settings, you'll now see two separate subsections where you can add a filter group for standard Shopify Fields and another filter group for User-Defined Fields:

In the User-Defined Fields section, you basically just specify the custom field/column name you've included in the report and filter by the final output of that field.  These filters are applied towards the end of the export process, after all variables and formulas have already been evaluated.

For example, if you use formulas in the Calculated Fields to manipulate the original values from the Shopify API on export, you can use this option to filter based on the output of that formula.

One actual use case that came up from a few customers is to filter the data based on a custom "Delivery Date" or "Pickup Date" field which are stored as an array in the note_attributes field of the Shopify order.  They used an app to provide custom fields on on the checkout page where a customer can provide additional informat and the app then captured the data in the note_attributes field in Shopify.

In the previous screenshot above, you'll notice that I've added a filter for a User-Defined Field called "Pickup Date" to only include those after 2017-07-01.  That field is a custom Calculated Field which uses a formula to pull out the value of that attribute from note_attributes:

Here's a sample output of what the export looks like:

In this example, you can also use date variables based on the current date.  For example, if you'd like to export orders where the Pickup Date is within the next 3 days, you can add filters like this:

  • Pickup Date is greater than or equal to {{ current_date }}
  • Pickup Date is less than {{ current_date }} + 3

Another use-case that has come up is to filter based on a custom metafield or combination of metafields. 

We also have customers that use conditional logic formulas involving multiple Shopify fields and they may want to filter based on the final output of those formulas.

We've also seen cases where customers use formulas to "clean" the original data such as stripping out non-numeric characters from the phone number and they might want to filter based on that cleaned output instead of the original data.

As you can see, this opens up a lot of flexiblity with filtering and we're hoping this new feature will provide additional value to merchants that have more advanced data filtering requirements.

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