EZ Importer: Importing Test Orders

We've recently added a test mode to EZ Importer, which allows you to mark your orders as test orders during import. Shopify allows you to create test orders in their system which will prevent your orders from being treated as real orders. This means they wont show up in the reports and analytics sections and it will put your payment gateway in test mode. To import your orders as test orders, click the "Import as test orders" checkbox on the Import Review page.

Test Imports

Once you've marked your import as a test, you can click the Import button to start your import. After your import is completed, all successful orders will be marked with the Test order banner in Shopify.

Shopify Test Order

Once you've verified your data, you can go back and delete your import to get your credits added back to your credit bank and to remove the tests from your Shopify store. Once everything looks the way you want you can run your full import.

For a full explanation on how test orders work read our documentation here.

Tags: new features, shopify, csv import, ez importer, testing