Automate Your Order Fulfillments With EZ Fulfill

Fulfilling orders can get complicated very quickly. As you grow your Shopify store, simply going through your list of orders and manually updating the tracking numbers and marking them fulfilled can become time consuming and error prone. In the early days of your store, when you have a handful of orders being shipped, this makes sense. However, as your store grows this is going to become unmanageable and stressful.

With the launch of EZ Fulfill, we hope to solve this problem by proving you a way to automate this process. We built the app with simplicity in mind; just map the fields from your supplier's feed and specify a schedule to have it run automatically. You can also upload a fulfillment feed for one-off fulfillments. If you have multiple suppliers or multiple feeds, this is no problem as we allow you to setup multiple schedules and mappings.

With our initial launch we've built a set of features that we think will help you get your fulfillments automated with ease.

Multi-Location Fulfillment

Shopify Locations

We've built EZ Fulfill with multi-location in mind, so you can fulfill your orders from multiple warehouses.

When you install our app, we'll automatically pull all your Locations from your Shopify store. So when you create a Data Feed, you have the option to select which location to use during fulfillment. If you don't use multi-location, then you'll just have one option to choose from.

Data Feed UI

At this time, if you are fulfilling orders from multiple locations you will need to create multiple data feeds for each location. This means orders that are fulfilled from each location should be in separate feeds. If you have a single feed with multiple locations and want to provide the location in your feed, contact us and let us know.

FTP and SFTP Support

It's quite common for suppliers to provide their data feeds via FTP or SFTP. If you have an option to choose one or the other, we recommend you go with SFTP as it's more secure since the protocol was designed with security in mind. We do have TLS support for FTP as well if your supplier requires it. For SFTP, you can authenticate using a password.

Manual File Uploads

Sometimes, you may just need to do a quick one-off fulfillment. Simply upload your feed and start fulfilling right away.

We also allow you to test your FTP and SFTP feeds. You'll see a "Run" button in the "Actions" section of your feeds list. When you click this, EZ Fulfill will run your feed based on your data feed settings.

Set Up Multiple Feeds

Data Feed List

If you have multiple suppliers, then you'd likely need to fulfill orders from multiple feeds. This is where EZ Fulfill really delivers value, as the app allows you to set up multiple data feeds and separate fulfillment schedules for each.

Fulfill By SKU (Partial Fulfillment)

There are times when your warehouse may only fulfill part of your orders, for many merchants this is something that happens regularly. If so, we have you covered. If you need to fulfill your orders by the SKU (line item), you'll need to proved the product SKU being fulfilled as well as the quantity being fulfilled. You can do this by mapping these columns in your CSV file using the "Line Item" tab on the data feed settings.

Partial Fulfillment Data Feed Mapping

This gives you the flexibility to partially fulfill your orders and fulfill the same order with multiple tracking numbers. For more details on how this works, read our documentation here.

Detailed Logs

Detailed Log

Our app can show you exactly which items were fulfilled and at what time. You can even download the original feed that was used to update your fulfillment within our app. This is a great way to audit what's going on with your fulfillment, as you can export the log itself.

Emailing Your Customer Their Tracking Numbers

When an order is fulfilled, EZ Fulfill allows you to send an email notification to your customer. This is done using Shopify's email system. This means the email is sent and controlled by Shopify. This way you can manage your email templates all in one place, the Shopify admin.

Email Customer Date Feed Setting

This feature is disabled by default, click the "Customer Configuration" section of your data feed and click "Send Fulfillment Receipt" option to enable the feature.

On Our Roadmap

  • Additional feed support (looking at Dropbox and Amazon S3)
  • File Filters (allowing you to filter which orders in your CSV file will be fulfilled).
  • Update fulfilled orders
  • Shipment status

We really hope EZ Fulfill will bring a lot of value to Shopify merchants. We've put a lot of effort into making sure the app is reliable and easy to use.

We do offer a 7-day free trial so please don't hesitate to check it out and reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback! :)

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