Get Error Notifications With EZ Fulfill

When automating your fulfillment process, it's important to get alerted if there are any problems when updating your Shopify orders fulfillment status or tracking numbers. We're excited to announce that this now possible with EZ Fulfill.

EZ Fulfill can now alert you, via email, when one of your orders has thrown an error or has been skipped. Getting email notifications while fulfilling your Shopify orders may be a critical part of your process, that you can not further automate. We'll walk you throw setting up notifications for you fulfillment process below.

Setting Up Your Notifications

By default, all notifications coming from EZ Fulfill will go to the email address setup with your Shopify store. On the other hand, if you prefer to have your notifications sent to a different email address you can set this up as well.

To set this up, go to the notifications section in EZ Fulfill by clicking the Notifications menu option on the left hand menu bar. From here simply add the email address, the first and last name (name is optional) of the person who is going to retrieve the email notification.

Configure Customer Email Addresses

Once you've added the email addresses you want, click the update button below and your all set to receive email notifications. You can configure up to 5 email addresses to get notifications. Also note, when you add email addresses to get notifications the email address associated with your Shopify store will no longer get notifications. If you want to add another email address in addition to the email associated with your store, you'll have to add it here as well.

Setting Up Your Data Feeds For Notifications

Once you've setup your email addresses, go to the Data Feed you plan on using for your fulfillment. From here, you can enable notifications by clicking the Email If Feed Has Errors checkbox on your Data Feed.

Configure Data Feed To Send Email Notifications

This will enable your Data Feed to send email notifications if any errors or skipped rows are encountered. From here, save your Data Feed and start fulfilling your orders!

We hope the new email notification system will help save you time in automating your process. We understand the importance of ensuring your customers are notified as soon as their orders are shipped and now if there are any errors during this process you'll be notified.

For a full understanding of how this feature works and what errors you'll be notified on click here.

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