EZ Importer: Using Your Products Price on Import

We've recently updated our Shopify order importing app, EZ Importer, to allow you to use your products price when importing orders. This allows you to use the price on the product you're importing instead of providing a price in the CSV file you're uploading.

EZ Importer allows you to match your products SKU with the line items on the order. This allows you to link your orders line items with the products in your store. If you want to use the title and price associated with your products, you can do so by leaving the fields unchecked when building your data mapping.

Line Item price is optional when link by SKU option is active.

As long as you have the Link product by SKU configuration option checked, you can import your orders without providing a line item title and a line item price. This gives you the flexibility to import orders without having to worry about adding the price or title to your CSV file.

If the SKU you provide with your order can not be found in your store, the order will fail to import as Shopify requires all orders to have a line item title and a line item price. To ensure that you have the Link product by SKU option setup properly read our knowledge base article about the feature here.

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